MetaMask removes Wyre from aggregators amid shutdown reports

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Wyre was acceptable to beryllium acquired for $1.5 cardinal by San Francisco e-commerce startup Bolt past year, but the woody was yet scrapped.

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MetaMask removes Wyre from aggregators amid shutdown reports

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Crypto wallet MetaMask is ending enactment for services of Wyre crypto outgo level amid reports of Wyre readying to unopen down operations soon.

MetaMask took to Twitter connected Jan. 5 to announce that it has removed Wyre from its mobile aggregator, which allows users to bargain crypto straight done its integer wallet.

“We're presently moving connected hold removal and admit your patience,” MetaMask said, asking users not to usage Wyre connected the mobile aggregator.

According to the announcement, MetaMask inactive supports a wide fig of other outgo gateways, including Transak, MoonPay, and Sardine. The services are disposable connected Apple Pay, slope cards and transfers, MetaMask noted.

The quality comes soon aft Wyre CEO Ioannis Giannaros reportedly announced to employees that the steadfast is going to soon shutdown operations.

“We'll proceed to bash everything we can, but I privation everyone to brace themselves for the information that we volition request to unwind the concern implicit the adjacent mates of weeks,” Giannaros reportedly stated.

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MetaMask did not instantly respond to Cointelegraph’s petition to comment. Wyre did not respond to respective property inquiries from Cointelegraph.

Founded successful 2013 successful San Francisco, Wyre is simply a large crypto outgo steadfast that came adjacent to being acquired for $1.5 cardinal past year. In April 2022, the United States e-commerce startup Bolt agreed to get Wyre. Amid the monolithic crypto carnivore marketplace of 2022, Bolt yet opted to scrap the woody successful September.

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