Mycelium DeFi Exploited Due to Price Feed Issues

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Vladislav Sopov

Mycelium liquidity excavation exploited by arbitrage bot that abused terms discrepancy issue

Mycelium, a multi-product Web3 ecosystem, unveiled that 1 of its liquidity pools suffered losses owed to issues with the terms feed. Also, the protocol's IP code was blocked by the Binance API module.

Mycelium ETH/USD excavation exploited

As per a connection from the squad of Mycelium, today, connected Jan. 7, 2023, the level suffered from an exploit by an arbitrage bot. The bot detected a discrepancy of the Ether (ETH) terms connected the level (too precocious spread) and started abusing it with a ample magnitude of liquidity.

The squad privation to code the concern occurring astir the ETH-USD terms provender that impacted MLP.

It appears that an contented developed overnight via 1 of the 3 information providers. While different information supplier was down owed to IP blocking. Causing a discrepancy successful median price.


— Mycelium (@mycelium_xyz) January 7, 2023

The discrepancy should beryllium attributed to the Bitfinex API, which started broadcasting highly volatile prices for the ETH/USDT brace astatine astir 02:45 a.m. AEST. Meanwhile, the different terms provender provider, Binance, was down arsenic it blocked the U.S.-associated IP utilized by Mycelium.

As such, the strategy was incapable to rebalance the terms via an autarkic terms feed. Mycelium lone utilized information from Bitfinex and Coinbase arsenic a effect of the Binance outage that "was not wide communicated," the Mycelium squad highlights.

Once the occupation was detected, the squad launched an interior probe and stopped the trading. The excavation was unavailable for 2.5 hours successful total, the postmortem goes.

Net TVL declined by 4-6%

Mycelium experts unveiled that the issues "led to degradation of MLP of determination betwixt 4-6%." As the 24-hour trading measurement for this excavation exceeded $218 cardinal in equivalent, the losses mightiness beryllium sensitive.

The protocol decided to implement stronger monitoring of feeds, enhanced alerts and faster connection successful bid to forestall specified incidents from happening again.

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