NFT influencer falls victim to cyberattack, loses $300K+ cryptopunks

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NFT Influencer CryptoNovo announced connected Jan 4. that they person fallen unfortunate to a cyberattack and mislaid 2 cryptopunks. The station connected Twitter says “I conscionable got hacked!!! Are you kidding me!?!” and includes a screenshot from OpenSea displaying 2 cryptopunks being transferred to different address.

— CryptoNovo (@CryptoNovo311) January 4, 2023

The 2 cryptopunks were instantly sold by the attacker, 1 for 70 ETH (worth an equivalent $88,434 astatine clip of publication) and the different for 199 ETH ($251,404). This implies that CryptoNovo mislaid implicit $300K worthy of cryptopunks successful the attack.

The grounds of cryptopunk#4608 allegedly being transferred to the attacker’s wallet, moved to different wallet, and past sold for 199 ETH. Source: OpenSea

Numerous different NFTs were seemingly taken from the influencer, including Meebits, CloneX, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, and Bored Ape Yacht Club items.

CryptoNovo’s iconic green-beanie-wearing punk, #3706, appears to person been saved from the attack, though the proprietor besides appears to person sold the item. While the antecedently mentioned items went to a known phishing address, the cryptopunk #3706 was sent to a wholly antithetic code and sold for 75 ETH ($94,751). This code has besides received items from thenovoverse.eth, an ENS domain that has itself received items from CryptoNovo’s authoritative wallet code successful the past. These facts whitethorn connote that the merchantability of this peculiar point was perchance done by the proprietor alternatively than an attacker.

Cryptopunk#3706. Source: OpenSea

CryptoNovo is an NFT influencer with implicit 18,000 Twitter followers . He is known for wearing masks that marque him look similar the green-beanie-wearing cryptopunk helium archetypal purchased successful 2020.

A photograph of CryptoNovo, whose existent individuality is unknown.

Although CryptoNovo claimed the onslaught was a “hack,” Twitter idiosyncratic @__proper has pointed retired that this is much apt to person been caused by phishing. Just aft the greenish beanie cryptopunk was transferred to a harmless address, CryptoNovo made respective token authorizations to an chartless astute contract. It is this declaration that subsequently utilized the transferFrom relation connected assorted NFTs to determination them from the influencer’s wallet. This implies that idiosyncratic whitethorn person tricked him into authorizing a malicious Dapp to determination his tokens.

Really atrocious this happened and I anticipation you're capable to get the pieces back. If it's immoderate help, it looks similar you whitethorn person a signed a txn granting an allowance to

— due (@__proper) January 4, 2023

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Someone besides appears to beryllium impersonating CryptoNovo connected Discord. 9 hours aft the onslaught occurred, helium posted an representation of a Discord relationship that claims to beryllium him, but which helium says is simply a fake account.

I person not asked anyone for anything. DO NOT nonstop thing to anyone utilizing my sanction and relationship number! The discord you spot beneath is simply a fake account. A mates different CryptoPunks owners person scammers acting arsenic them arsenic well.

— CryptoNovo (@CryptoNovo311) January 4, 2023

Cryptopunks was 1 of the archetypal “generative integer art” NFT collections oregon collections of creation objects generated by an algorithm. It was released successful June, 2017, and its idiosyncratic units were fixed distant to anyone who could wage the state fees to mint them. Today, cryptopunks merchantability for an mean terms of implicit $1,000, according to

The postulation has inspired thousands of different generative NFT collections, including Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Meebits, and others.

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