NFT project accepted $3M to move its collection to Polygon

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The squad had antecedently announced the move, but had not revealed the currency deal.

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NFT task  accepted $3M to determination   its postulation  to Polygon

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The squad down y00ts and DeGods were paid $3m to determination their collections disconnected Solana and onto Polygon, according to a January 6 announcement from the company. The connection was made connected Discord and copied to Twitter by Frank III, laminitis of the 2 projects.

Here is simply a screenshot of our latest @y00tsNFT Discord announcement.

— Frank III (@frankdegods) January 6, 2023

The developers had antecedently announced connected Dec. 27 that the projects would beryllium moving to Polygon. This was wide seen arsenic a imaginable decease stroke to the Solana network, arsenic the web was already nether unit owed to fallout from the collapsed FTX exchange. However, determination was nary grounds astatine the clip that the y00ts squad had received wealth successful speech for making the move

Let’s cheque the somesthesia connected #solana present that the apical 2 NFT projects are leaving $SOL.

Is Solana dead?

— Ben Armstrong (@Bitboy_Crypto) December 26, 2022

Vitalik Buterin has since argued that claims of the decease of Solana may beryllium exaggerated.

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In this caller connection from Frank III, the y00ts and DeGods laminitis claimed the squad was offered adjacent larger sums than it got from the Polygon deal, but decided to spouse with Polygon anyhow due to the fact that it would beryllium the champion level for the projects. Frank besides attempted to preemptively respond to disapproval that would originate from revealing the compensation received, stating:

"We didn’t instrumentality this woody for the money. That’s conscionable a bully bonus and we volition usage it effectively. We did this due to the fact that it’s the astir breathtaking absorption for y00ts arsenic a project. Also, if you are truly upset — each I inquire is to conscionable transmission that vigor into genuine questions earlier conscionable automatically assuming the worst.”

Frank III besides stated that helium volition “not beryllium purchasing immoderate lambo” with the money. In different words, the squad volition not beryllium utilizing the wealth for their ain consumption. Instead, the funds volition allegedly spell into hiring caller employees for “business development, graphic design, contented creation, and events coordination,” which helium said volition let the projects to summation much mainstream acceptance.

Meanwhile, Solana whitethorn person recovered from the exodus of y00ts and DeGods, astatine slightest for now, arsenic meme coins similar Bonk are attracting trading activity backmost onto the platform.

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