NFT Steez and Lukso co-founder examine the implications of digital self-sovereignty in Web3

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NFT Steez chats with Lukso co-founder Marjorie Hernandez astir however Universal Profiles onboards and empowers users with integer self-sovereignty

NFT Steez and Lukso co-founder analyse   the implications of integer  self-sovereignty successful  Web3

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Sovereign individuality has been a blistery taxable successful blockchain and cryptocurrency, particularly with the emergence of the creator economy. Currently, determination are 2 types of integer identities. One is federated and centralized whereby information is successful the power of the work provider. Self-sovereign integer individuality is often cited arsenic a quality close that tin reclaim bureau utilizing blockchain technology, but what frameworks beryllium that assistance successful governing it?

On this occurrence of NFT Steez met Marjorie Hernandez, the co-founder of LUKSO and The Dematerialized to sermon the authorities of blockchain-based identities and “Universal Profiles.” According to Hernandez, successful the future, “everything volition person a integer identity.”

Onboarding into the integer realm should beryllium frictionless for sovereign “Universal Profiles”

During the interview, Hernandez explained the paradigm displacement betwixt centralized platforms to a much “platform-less future” and stressed that users request to beryllium successful power of their identities and instauration connected much “agnostic platforms,” wherever they tin ain their intelligence spot via “Universal Profiles.” 

Lukso’s integration of Universal Profiles enables users and creators to reclaim their identities and contented their IP successful a symbiotic mode betwixt creator and user. According to Hernandez, the Universal Profile tin beryllium seen arsenic a idiosyncratic operating strategy (OS) whereby 1 tin authenticate themselves, but besides send, person and make assets.

As Hernandez puts it, Universal Profiles are: 

“A Swiss Army benignant instrumentality that is serving truthful galore purposes for the user.”

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Blockchain-based identities successful Web3

Understably, the accent of individuality wrong Web3 began to spark up again erstwhile 2D illustration pic (PFP) NFTs began to emerge. This surge was framed arsenic a means to correspond and individuality oneself arsenic good arsenic a flex, oregon look of ego. For some, their carnal and societal identities were traded for their recently adopted integer avatars. 

However, Hernandez argues that portion immoderate comprehend integer arsenic masking one’s existent self, she believes that successful a “decentralized integer environment,” radical volition beryllium emboldened “to determination beyond these predispositions” and explicit one's “true existent self.”

The ground of Hernandez’ thesis is that blockchain-based individuality is not lone verifiable but gives users 100% power of their data, individuality and IP.

When asked by a listener what communities should beryllium doing to guarantee the standards surrounding self-sovereignty and that users are nary longer “consumers” but progressive co-participants successful the ecosystem, Hernandez simply denoted:

“I deliberation it's conscionable being co-creator, right? And you commencement gathering with it.”

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