NFTs Almost Dead on Google Trends

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Global hunt involvement for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) remains astatine abysmally debased levels contempt the ongoing cryptocurrency rally, according to information provided by Google Trends. 

The aforementioned word attracted fewer hunt queries compared to "crypto" this year. This indicates cooling request for the assemblage that defined the 2021 bull run.  

In March, the word "crypto" reached a worth of 100, which indicates highest popularity. The word "NFT" paled successful examination to "crypto" with a worth of conscionable 10. 

The aforesaid inclination could beryllium observed successful May, with NFTs failing to pull immoderate important involvement contempt increasing crypto prices. 

This marks a crisp opposition with January 2022 erstwhile the word "NFT" was really up of "crypto" by a important borderline (82 and 66, respectively). 


Other metrics besides corroborate that the NFT assemblage is struggling to recover. According to information provided by, the fig of progressive wallets holding NFT tokens has present dropped to the lowest level since aboriginal 2021. In fact, the NFT abstraction has mislaid much than 90% of users since reaching its existent highest successful December 2021.

In 2021, NFTs attracted plentifulness of attraction from celebrities and large companies, becoming the speech of the municipality successful the concern community. They besides allowed creators to monetize their work. However, owed to crypto manufacture crises and unfavorable marketplace conditions, specified investments rapidly mislaid their allure.  

"Web3" is dead

While NFTs are astir dead, the word "Web3" appears to beryllium wholly dead. The term, which gained traction successful precocious 2021 and 2022, went retired of vogue, attracting precise fewer hunt queries. 

"Web3" was expected to go the go-to word for the caller iteration of the web with a beardown accent connected decentralization. It has failed to drawback up. In May, it attracted lone a tiny information of hunt involvement compared to crypto. 

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