NiceHash Teams up With Marathon Heavyweight, Introduces Novel Custom Software for Bitcoin ASICs

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The partners unveiled a caller merchandise that includes a fig of precocious features designed to assistance miners deduce greater ratio from ASIC devices and summation gross for its owners. This accomplishment is of paramount value for the post-halving era.

NiceHash teams up with mining mogul Marathon: Details

Per the associated authoritative announcement, Bitcoin hashing powerfulness marketplace NiceHash has entered into a semipermanent strategical collaboration with Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc (NASDAQ:MARA). The 2 volition enactment unneurotic connected releases of customized firmware for ASIC miners specially optimized for the NiceHash mining platform.

We are delighted to denote NiceHash x @MarathonDH brings NiceHash Firmware powered by MARA!

Combining Marathon's cutting-edge exertion and heavy expertise successful mining with NiceHash's unsocial platform, exceptional enactment capabilities and retail idiosyncratic experience.

Together, we are…

— NiceHash (@NiceHashMining) June 14, 2024

The caller product, which has been branded NiceHash Firmware, is powered by MARA exertion and is disposable to each Bitcoin miners. 

Miners who utilize NiceHash Firmware volition beryllium taxable to a debased firmware interest of conscionable 2%, reduced to lone 1.4% erstwhile utilizing NiceHash arsenic their superior pool. Innovative auto-tuning features and customized situation profiles person been designed to marque the top-tier exertion accessible connected the unfastened market.

Vladimir Hozjan, CEO of NiceHash, stressed that the caller collaboration unlocks charismatic opportunities for each participants successful the mining segment:

We astatine NiceHash person been searching for a firmware solution for ASIC miners for respective years, arsenic suitable firmware was missing successful our merchandise portfolio. Marathon has impressed america with its firmware product, which demonstrates precocious prime and reliability. Our associated efforts volition guarantee we enactment up of this rapidly evolving industry. We judge that teaming up and combining our cognition volition fortify our presumption successful the market, thrust innovation, acceptable caller standards successful the mining space, and empower miners worldwide to execute unprecedented ratio and profitability.

NiceHash Firmware delivers market-beating ratio compared to existing firmware solutions. Its tailored situation profiles let firmware to beryllium installed connected ASICs moving Air, Hydro and Single Phase oregon Two Phase Immersion cooling.

More flexibility for Bitcoin (BTC) mining connected ASICs successful 2024

The auto-tune functionality tin beryllium adjusted based connected Power Target, Hashrate Target oregon Percentage Adjustment. There is besides intelligent thermal extortion to forestall overheating and a customized dashboard that provides a elaborate overview of ASIC performance. NiceHash Firmware, developed successful conjunction with MARA, is compatible with NiceHash ASIC Manager, Foreman and Awesome Miner.

Ashu Swami, CTO of Marathon Digital Holdings, is excited by the imaginable effects of synergy with NiceHash successful the ever-evolving sphere of mining:

We are thrilled to beryllium moving with NiceHash to grow the scope of our cutting-edge firmware to the planetary mining community. This collaboration allows america to bring precocious information and optimization features to Bitcoin miners of each sizes, enhancing their show and profitability.

NiceHash Firmware volition enactment Bitcoin miners seeking to maximize their profitability pursuing the halving. It provides added incentives for them to utilize NiceHash to merchantability their spare hashing powerfulness portion benefiting from improved ASIC capabilities and performance.

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