Nifty News: Solana NFT trading volume, Nike RTFKT COO hacked, and more

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DNP3, a streamer and laminitis of respective crypto projects similar The charity-focused crypto CluCoin, The Goobers NFT and the metaverse level Gridcraft Network has admitted to losing capitalist funds done gambling. 

In a tweet, the nonfungible token (NFT) task laminitis talked astir his gambling addiction and issued a nationalist apology.

— DNP3 (@DNPthree) January 3, 2023

The Twitch streamer said that helium got "incredibly addicted" to gambling successful the past year. Eventually, the Twitch streamer claimed that helium mislaid everything. He wrote

“In summation to my ain beingness savings, I besides irresponsibly utilized capitalist funds to effort and get my wealth backmost from the casino which was incorrect for truthful galore reasons.”

The streamer added that helium is present financially and spiritually broke. He besides highlighted that his consciousness of spot successful himself is compromised. "I’m moving with a assistance radical to commencement the way to recovery," helium added.

Nike's RTFKT COO loses NFTs to hack

Nikhil Gopalani, the main operating serviceman of the NFT task RTFKT, went connected Twitter to accidental that his NFT postulation was stolen successful a phishing attack. Gopalani described the attacker arsenic a “clever phisher” and said that the scammer sold his Clone X NFTs.

Hey Clone X assemblage - I was hacked by a clever Phisher (same telephone # arsenic pome ID) & sold each my clone x / immoderate different nfts... Obviously beauteous upset and wounded by this and I havent truly been capable to determination each day. Hope radical who bought my clones emotion them (being positive)

— Nikhil Gopalani (@Nikgopalani) January 3, 2023

OpenSea information shows that the attacker utilized 2 wallets to bargain Gopalani's NFTs, which are worthy astir $173,000. This includes 19 CloneX NFTs, 18 RTFKT Space Pods, 17 Loot Pods and 11 CryptoKicks. Data from Etherscan besides shows that lone $0.11 successful Ether (ETH) remains successful the wallet linked to Gopalani. 

While the method of phishing is not yet revealed, a tweet from RTFKT CTO Samuel Cardillo suggests that Gopalani whitethorn person provided entree codes to immoderate scammers.

Gamers bully NFTs retired of mainstream games

The internet's anti-NFT communicative seems to person successfully separated mainstream crippled improvement companies from NFTs. Throughout 2022, crippled developers similar Stalker workplace GSC Game World, Ubisoft and Worms developer Team17 backpedaled connected their intent to integrate NFTs wrong games owed to antagonistic feedback from the gaming community.

After executing NFT integration done its Quartz project, crippled developer Ubisoft took a measurement backmost connected NFTs. The u-turn came aft the gaming institution received antagonistic feedback online connected Quartz successful 2021.

This remains the stupidest and astir pointless happening successful the deity damn world.

If anyone would similar to halt moving for companies that bash dumb things similar this, we're hiring and volition beryllium hiring adjacent much successful the caller year. Esp if you're successful , for real, deed america up.

— Nels Anderson (@Nelsormensch) December 7, 2021

Amid the pushback, galore inactive judge that NFTs and games tin intertwine. On Nov. 4, Electronic Arts (EA) CEO Andrew Wilson spoke astatine an net telephone and highlighted that NFTs and play-to-earn are the future of gaming. However, the EA CEO besides noted that it's inactive aboriginal to spot however it would work. 

Apart from EA, Final Fantasy creator Square Enix has besides been a protagonist of integrating NFTs and blockchain into gaming. The institution precocious invested successful an NFT gaming company.

Solana NFT commercialized measurement amusement signs of strength

After being dealt a monolithic nonaccomplishment with the Solana (SOL) token losing supra 90% of its worth successful 2021, NFT trading volumes wrong the Solana blockchain are showing signs of strength, with Christmas time having the astir activities.

According to NFT information tracker CryptoSlam, Solana had supra $80 cardinal successful NFT income successful the past 30 days. The blockchain had implicit 800,000 transactions successful that timespan, surpassing Polygon and ImmutableX.

Source: CryptoSlam

Despite its large month, it's uncertain if the spot shown volition proceed arsenic astir of the measurement came from DeGods and y00ts, which are some bridging into Polygon and Ethereum to prosecute further adoption. 

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