Nomad exploit wallet address transfers $1.5M to Tornado Cash

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The wallet code related to the $190 cardinal hack transferred much than 1200 Ether to the sanctioned cryptocurrency mixer Tornado Cash.

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Nomad exploit wallet code  transfers $1.5M to Tornado Cash

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An code related to the $190-million Nomad exploit has moved $1.57 cardinal successful Ether (ETH) to the sanctioned crypto mixer Tornado Cash. 

In an alert, blockchain information steadfast CertiK flagged that a wallet code affiliated with the Nomad hack has transferred 1,200 ETH into Tornado Cash, suggesting that the attackers whitethorn beryllium cashing successful the funds. The hacker transferred 12 batches of 100 ETH to the sanctioned mixer.

Nomad hack code transferring funds to Tornado Cash. Source: Etherscan

The Nomad span hack was 1 of the ten largest crypto hacks successful 2022, with much than $190 cardinal worthy of integer assets lost. On Aug 1, hundreds of exploiters flocked to drain the bridge's full worth locked successful a substance of hours due to the fact that of a information breach. Last year, a study revealed that astir 90% of the participants successful the hack were copycats who were capable to take implicit $88 cardinal worthy of integer assets.

While galore attackers participated successful the exploit with atrocious intentions, immoderate joined successful with the intent to instrumentality the tokens. Because of this, a task jumped astatine the accidental to provide a nonfungible token reward for those who would take to instrumentality stolen funds to Nomad.

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In a caller update released connected Dec. 8, the Nomad squad released a span relaunch guide aft patching the vulnerability successful the declaration that led to the $190 cardinal hack. Apart from fixing the issues, the steadfast besides redesigned the token bridge.

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