Novogratz says LUNA tattoo is a constant reminder investing 'requires humility'

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“Not going away” — Mike Novogratz says that contempt being permanently humbled by the caller Terra collapse, the crypto manufacture volition proceed to grow.

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Novogratz says LUNA tattoo is simply a changeless  reminder investing 'requires humility'

Mike Novogratz, the billionaire laminitis of crypto plus absorption steadfast Galaxy Digital, has told his followers that his LUNA-inspired tattoo volition service arsenic a reminder to stay humble successful the satellite of task superior investing. 

Following the fallout of the recent LUNA / UST meltdown, Novogratz penned an unfastened letter connected Wednesday, telling his followers that: ​​“My tattoo volition beryllium a changeless reminder that task investing requires humility.”

It was connected Jan. 5 tha Novogratz archetypal showed disconnected his wolf-themed tattoo to his 461,000 Twitter followers successful an enthusiastic objection of his enactment for the now-collapsed Terra ecosystem.

— Mike Novogratz (@novogratz) January 5, 2022

Terra’s UST stablecoin, which relied connected an algorithm to support a peg to the U.S. dollar, collapsed past week, sending the terms of its sister-token LUNA from $60 per token to $0 successful little than 72 hours. The illness wiped astir $40 cardinal dollars from the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

“The illness dented assurance successful crypto and DeFi,” said Novogratz successful the letter, “whenever wealth is mislaid successful specified an abrupt fashion, radical privation answers.”

He said that contempt past week’s “heart-wrenching” marketplace pandemonium, the crypto manufacture looks stronger than ever and wouldn’t beryllium going distant immoderate clip soon.

“This does not mean the crypto marketplace volition bottommost and caput consecutive backmost up. It volition instrumentality restructuring, a redemption cycle, consolidation and renewed assurance successful crypto.”

He explained that Galaxy Digital invested successful LUNA successful Q4 2020 utilizing equilibrium expanse capital, and clarified that the firm’s treasury ne'er utilized UST.

“Our team’s archetypal thesis for investing successful LUNA was centered astir the enlargement of blockchain-native payments systems.”

According to an update from Galaxy Digital released connected May 13, the steadfast expects to station a $300 cardinal nonaccomplishment successful nett broad income arsenic of May 11, bringing the partners’ superior to $2.2 cardinal — a 12% diminution from March 31.

Pantera Capital, 1 of the archetypal investors successful Terraform Labs, revealed contiguous that it had cashed retired astir 80% of its LUNA concern good earlier the TerraUSD collapse. According to Pantera spouse Paul Veradittakit, the steadfast managed to crook $1.7 cardinal into astir $170 million.

We managed that presumption down implicit clip arsenic it became progressively profitable/large, successful bid to support a diversified portfolio. We initially invested successful LUNA due to the fact that of the advancement we saw successful developer adoption, the payments usage, and the broader ecosystem being built connected Terra

— Joey Krug (@joeykrug) May 18, 2022

It’s not conscionable Novogratz getting inked — crypto-themed tattoos person grown substantially successful popularity with crypto tattoo-related Google searches surging by 222% successful 2021. According to information from Crypto Head, much than 900 radical worldwide person inked themselves with the Bitcoin (BTC) “B” portion Dogecoin (DOGE) and Ethereum (ETH) tattoos are connected the rise.

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