Optimism (OP) Soars 7% to Ride Bullish Sentiment Surrounding Rollups

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Godfrey Benjamin

Optimism (OP) is up 7.25% arsenic L2 protocol maintains its ranking successful apical 100

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As a comparatively low-cap integer currency, Optimism (OP) is connected a bullish teardrop today, with its terms up 7.25% to $1.04 implicit the past 24 hours, according to information from CoinMarketCap. While the maturation of Optimism tin beryllium explainable based connected the broader marketplace performance, the token has arguably carved a niche for itself successful the Web 3.0 world, and investors' enthusiasm for it is present enhanced, per the sentiment around its technology.

Optimism (OP) is simply a Layer 2 (L2) blockchain connected apical of Ethereum. Optimism benefits from the information of the Ethereum mainnet and helps standard the Ethereum ecosystem by utilizing optimistic rollups. The plan of Optimism creates country for further functionalities for decentralized applications gathering connected the protocol.

While Optimism remains a high flyer and an innovative protocol, its popularity has been subpar arsenic different apical L2 competitors, including Polygon (MATIC), person continued to thrive connected the frontlines. However, the communicative surrounding Optimism and its underlying exertion are bound to change this twelvemonth arsenic Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum's astir fashionable developer, has declared plans to amended enactment connected rollups this year.

While the rollup exertion is already changing the crippled connected Ethereum, its relevance and popularity are connected way to go much applicable implicit the coming months. This constitutes a unsocial cardinal for OP tokens to spot awesome highs this year.

Building amid crypto winter

Branded arsenic the adjacent frontier successful blockchain-based and decentralized infrastructure, Optimism, arsenic good arsenic different Layer 2 protocols powered by rollup technology, is committed to continuous gathering contempt the ongoing crypto winter.

As an infrastructure-based protocol, investors wrong the OP ecosystem are, arsenic the sanction suggests, optimistic astir the caller milestones the token volition interruption moving forward. Compared to the all-time precocious (ATH) of $4.57 it recorded astir seven months ago, expectations are mounting regarding whether OP has capable of a technological and cardinal ground to retest caller highs this year.

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