OwlDAO: Changing the gaming industry for Web 3.0

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The OwlDAO level offers blockchain-based gaming solutions for DeFi projects from each industries successful the space. It is simply a starring iGaming solution for Web 3.0 wherever contracts and the level are audited by Certik. 

OwlDAO is simply a multi-chain DAO that aims to assistance different projects physique their ain DeFi gaming suite with much than 3000+ casino games. This is done by innovating accepted online casinos and integrating them with the caller DeFi world. Users tin play thousands of games by conscionable connecting their wallets with the blockchain-based engine. 

OwlGames is simply a level that is operated by CyberGalaxy B.V., a institution registered successful established nether the laws of Curacao. CyberGalaxy B.V. is licensed and regulated by Antillephone N.V. 

3000+ games and aggregate web support 

OwlDAO casino provides much than 3000 games and works with immoderate of the astir renowned crippled providers from each implicit the world. These see Pragmatic Play, Evolution Gaming Group, Playtech and galore more. A batch of these crippled providers travel from a agelong rewarding past and are listed companies. 

The level besides supports each Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) based web specified arsenic ETH, BSC, Polygon, Celo, Harmony, xDAI, Fantom, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Aurora and Cronos. The OwlDAO improvement squad continuously looks for caller networks and added enactment of Terra and Near; they are besides expecting to adhd Polkadot to the database soon. 

Due to the Multi-Chain quality of OwlDAO, projects operating connected BSC, Solana, Ethereum, Avalanche, Luna, Near, and astir EVM compatible chains tin integrate their solutions crossed their platforms. The level has partnered with large protocols specified arsenic Polydex, Spiritswap, CafeSwap, and JetSwap.

The $OWL token

OWL is the platform’s tradable and liquid token and is presently disposable connected BSC, Fantom, Polygon, PancakeSwap, BabySwap, SpiritSwap, and PolyDEX. 

One of the important features of the $OWL token is that it allows token holders to usage Owl.Games arsenic a span escaped of complaint to determination it crossed chains. The DAO shares 1 portion of the gross that is generated from its signature casino Owl.Games and projects nether its umbrella with the assistance of BuyBacks and Staking. 

At the clip of writing, OwlDAO has contributed $460,000 into the buyback and staking programme to assistance physique $OWL ecosystem.

Owl.Games: OwlDAO’s signature platform 

Owl.Games taps into the powerfulness of Web 3.0 to connection an improved and accelerated idiosyncratic experience. With the assistance of instant connectivity done MetaMask, Phantom Wallet, Wallet Connect, Terra Station and Near Wallet.

The level solves the hassles associated with dilatory payments, constricted currencies and lengthy relationship registration processes. Live casino games, slot games, PvP poker level and Sportbook are each portion of the OwlDAO. 


While a batch of accepted online casinos lone enactment mainstream tokens, OwlDAo supports each tokens that conscionable a definite magnitude of liquidity. This helps the level found itself arsenic 1 of the pioneers successful Web 3.0 iGaming providers for DeFi projects. 

With a plethora of token enactment connected Owl.Games, users get a accidental to usage halfway tokens of each main networks on with the astir assemblage tokens. The level supports a full of 49 tokens currently. 

For much accusation astir OwlDAO, delight cheque out:

 Website: https://owldao.io/

OwlGames Casino: https://owl.games/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OWLDAOio

Telegram: https://t.me/owlDAO

Disclaimer: This is simply a paid station and should not beryllium treated arsenic news/advice. 

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