Polkadot [DOT] traders might have a holly jolly new year because…

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  • Polkadot achieved rather a fewer milestones past year.
  • The twelvemonth 2023 besides looks promising for DOT.

Polkadot [DOT] precocious tweeted astir its yearly roundup mentioning each the notable developments that happened successful its ecosystem successful 2022.

The tweet talked astir respective achievements. For instance, DOT had much than 74 parachains, implicit 300 dapps, 550+ projects, and 2,500 monthly progressive developers crossed the ecosystem.

This reflected the popularity and reliability of the network. Moreover, implicit 350,000 XCM transfers were sent by the Polkadot ecosystem, ushering successful a caller property of harmless cross-chain interoperability and taking a important measurement toward bringing the wonderment of unafraid cross-consensus bridging to the remainder of the world.

1/ The Polkadot 2022 Roundup is here🚀

Despite the hard twelvemonth for the industry, the Polkadot and Kusama assemblage were engaged gathering the largest, & astir divers ecosystem of usage lawsuit circumstantial layer-1 blockchains successful the world, making immense strides toward gathering a amended web. pic.twitter.com/sGZDz0zHIW

— Polkadot (@Polkadot) December 31, 2022

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How was 2022?

Despite the bearish market, DOT’s past twelvemonth looked beauteous bully successful presumption of what was happening successful the ecosystem. DOT has managed to stay 1 of the apical blockchains for its improvement activity.

Monthly mean progressive developers vs. monthly codification commits since motorboat of @Polkadot experienced an upward inclination overall

Polkadot squad keeps contributing consistently to the web nary substance however the marketplace is, good preparing for the adjacent bullish inclination 😎 #Polkadot #DOT $DOT pic.twitter.com/wgumdcMZip

— Polkadot Insider (@PolkadotInsider) December 31, 2022

Over the past 3 months, DOT’s metrics besides showed immoderate absorbing movements. For example, its improvement enactment has precocious decreased.

Furthermore, aft a crisp alteration successful November, DOT’s Binance backing complaint went up consistently, which proved its request successful the derivatives market. The crypto assemblage besides talked astir DOT with utmost excitement arsenic evidenced by its societal dominance increase.

Source: Santiment

How galore DOTs tin you get for $1?

This tin beryllium expected

A fewer of the marketplace indicators were besides supportive of a terms hike this year. The comparative spot scale was hovering adjacent the oversold zone. DOT’s Money Flow Index besides registered an uptick, which looked promising for the network.

Nonetheless, the Exponential Moving Average (EMA) Ribbon was bearish arsenic the 20-day EMA was resting beneath the 55-day EMA. The Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) besides went down, which mightiness beryllium troublesome.

Source: TradingView

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