Polygon sets a new record, but what is in store for MATIC? 

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  • Polygon’s NFT OpenSea measurement has achieved a caller grounds successful sales, reaching $324 million.
  • MATIC showed signs of betterment and immoderate of its metrics looked positive. 

This caller twelvemonth brought bully quality for Polygon [MATIC], which hinted that 2023 has a batch successful store for the network. Vendible announced that it was launching the Ible City inferior NFT Series IV connected Polygon.

Ible City is simply a postulation of 16,000 onshore plots successful Vendible’s virtual DAO, of which 7,000 person been sold out. Ible City NFTs are released arsenic Cross-Network Fungible Tokens successful six bid implicit six networks. 

📢@govendible is launching the Ible City inferior NFT bid IV connected Polygon!!💥

Ible City is simply a postulation of 16,000 onshore plots successful Vendible's virtual DAO & 7,000 person been sold retired connected #Algorand🔥

Let america springiness you a circuit connected this postulation & get packed up for its upcoming launch👇 pic.twitter.com/JjM9GxJ7a8

— Polygon Daily 💜 (@PolygonDaily) December 31, 2022

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2023 begins with a promising start

It is present to beryllium noted that Polygon precocious achieved a caller milestone arsenic its NFT OpenSea measurement achieved a caller grounds successful sales, reaching $324 million, which surpasses the erstwhile grounds acceptable successful 2021. This improvement is impervious of Polygon’s popularity successful the NFT ecosystem. 

$MATIC 𝗕𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗞𝗜𝗡𝗚: Despite the carnivore marketplace outlook for 2022, Polygon's NFT OpenSea Volume has achieved a caller grounds successful sales,reaching $324 million.This surpasses erstwhile grounds acceptable successful 2021.

Now Imagine 2023 with #MagicEden #Phantom #y00ts connected Polygon 👀🔥#Polygon #NFTs pic.twitter.com/NK785M5TD6

— WEB3 Market Insight 🇦🇺 (@iftikharpost) January 1, 2023

Not lone this, but respective of the NFT collections, specified arsenic y00t revealed that they volition span to Polygon during the archetypal 4th of 2023. Interestingly, existing Polygon projects, specified arsenic Aavegotchi, person announced that they volition officially stay connected Polygon this year.

Well, Polygon’s maturation successful the NFT abstraction was evident, arsenic Santiment’s illustration revealed promising metrics. According to the data, Polygon’s full NFT Trade Count and Trade measurement successful USD registered a spike implicit the past week.

Source: Santiment

How galore MATICs tin you get for $1?

When volition MATIC respond?

MATIC’s show connected the terms beforehand did not correspond to the updates, arsenic it registered a diminution of much than 5% successful the past 7 days. However, it was showing flimsy signs of betterment arsenic its terms accrued by 0.59% successful the past 24 hours. At property time, the token was trading astatine $0.7551 with a marketplace capitalization of implicit $6.5 billion.

A fewer of the metrics were besides successful enactment of MATIC and suggested a inclination reversal was astir the corner. CryptoQuant’s data revealed that MATIC’s nett deposits connected exchanges were debased compared to the 7-day average, which is simply a affirmative awesome arsenic it indicates little selling pressure.

MATIC’s progressive addresses were besides rising, reflecting a larger fig of users connected the network. Its web maturation registered an uptick implicit the past week, which excessively looked optimistic. Nonetheless, MATIC’s MVRV Ratio went down, which mightiness origin MATIC’s terms to tumble successful the coming days.

Source: Santiment

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