"Rich Dad Poor Dad" Author Names Easiest Way to Become a Millionaire

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American businessman and writer Robert Kiyosaki, who is champion known for penning the "Rich Dad Poor Dad" bid of fashionable idiosyncratic concern books, has opined that owning Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency, is the "easiest" mode to go a millionaire. 

While it is challenging to scope a seven-figure nett worthy by starting your ain business, Kiyosaki claims that the starring cryptocurrency is really doing hard enactment for him:

"Making millions arsenic an entrepreneur is hard. I know. You person to beryllium truly smart, dedicated, and fortunate to go a millionaire starting your ain business.  I prevention Bitcoin due to the fact that Bitcoin does the hard work," helium said connected the X societal media network. 


Some of Kiyosaki's followers person noted that it is present virtually intolerable for the mean Joe to go a millionaire with Bitcoin owed to however costly the cryptocurrency is today. 

Research steadfast Kaiko precocious revealed that the fig of Bitcoin millionaire wallets that are being created connected a regular ground is astir 2,000.


According to Glassnode, determination are astir 115,000 wallet addresses that clasp much than $1 cardinal worthy of Bitcoin. It is worthy noting that these wallets bash not needfully beryllium to idiosyncratic investors.  

As reported by U.Today, Kiyosaki precocious predicted that the terms of Bitcoin could perchance scope $350,000 by August, attracting ridicule from the cryptocurrency community. 

The starring cryptocurrency by marketplace headdress is presently trading astatine $67,730 connected the Bitstamp speech aft declining 2.6% implicit the past 24 hours. 

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