'Rich Dad Poor Dad' Author Shares Success Secret Amid Bitcoin Turbulence

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'Rich Dad Poor Dad' Author Shares Success Secret Amid Bitcoin Turbulence

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Robert Kiyosaki, salient capitalist and entrepreneur, besides celebrated for authoring a classical publication connected managing idiosyncratic finance, has shared the concealed to fiscal occurrence successful a caller tweet.

That occurrence look was based connected his aforementioned book, which was published successful the precocious 1990s. The fiscal guru, arsenic galore telephone Kiyosaki, is good known arsenic a vocal Bitcoin proponent and holder, who often speaks positively astir this integer plus with his multi-million-strong assemblage connected X (formerly celebrated arsenic Twitter).

Current Bitcoin marketplace turbulence

Currently, Bitcoin is going done a play of turbulence, with its terms going up and down aft a caller superior plunge of much than 15%, erstwhile the world's flagship cryptocurrency shed astir $1,000 of its marketplace terms arsenic it crashed from the $64,000 level down to somewhat little than $54,000 wrong 5 days.

Bitcoin has been making attempts to retrieve the $59,000 terms enactment implicit the past fewer days; however, it has truthful acold been incapable to hole determination and was pushed down again. As of this writing, the largest integer plus by marketplace capitalization worth is changing hands astatine $58,465 aft it managed to retrieve by 6.5% since the commencement of the week.


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Kiyosaki's occurrence formula

The writer of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” has shared a spot of “Rich Dad’s words of wisdom” associated with his publication and his company, which bears the aforesaid sanction and teaches customers however to negociate their finances.

Kiyosaki often refers to this cognition successful his tweets, podcasts and interviews arsenic “financial wisdom” oregon “financial IQ.” This time, helium shared an penetration astir “success successful life.” Kiyosaki stated that it does not beryllium lone connected what cards you person been dealt successful the crippled of beingness but alternatively connected “how good you play your cards erstwhile dealt a atrocious hand.”

RICH DAD’s Words of Wisdom

“Your occurrence successful beingness does not beryllium upon you…only being dealt bully hands of cards.

Your occurrence successful life….depends upon however good you play your cards…when delt a atrocious hand.”

— Robert Kiyosaki (@theRealKiyosaki) July 9, 2024

Bitcoin to $350,000 by August: Kiyosaki

Earlier this year, Robert Kiyosaki made a stunning prediction, saying that helium expects Bitcoin to skyrocket arsenic precocious arsenic astatine slightest $350,000 by August of this year. The grounds for this forecast is the increasing U.S. nationalist debt, portion the country’s authorities continues to people billions of U.S. dollars.

However, this year, the crypto assemblage expects the Federal Reserve to commencement loosening the involvement rates which, if happens indeed, would beryllium bullish for Bitcoin.

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