Ripple CTO Slams Self-Proclaimed Satoshi for Attacking XRP

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Alex Dovbnya

This Twitter feud betwixt self-proclaimed Satoshi Craig Wright and Ripple CTO David Schwartz continues to vigor up much and more

In a caller series of tweets, Ripple CTO David Schwartz deed backmost astatine Craig Wright for attacking the XRP cryptocurrency. 

Schwartz asserted that Craig lone started talking astir XRP erstwhile helium “showed that an statement helium made (that had thing to bash with XRP) was implicit nonsense." The Ripple enforcement suggests that Wright was much focused connected attacking him and XRP than connected uncovering solutions to meaningful problems wrong the cryptocurrency space. 

Wright lashed retired astatine Schwartz implicit his alleged deficiency of reasoning successful his arguments: “Nothing by DS is reasoned successful this bid of tweets. There is advertisement hominem and a assortment of different logical fallacies. Yet, helium claims that these are reasoned arguments”. He doubled down connected this enactment of onslaught successful different tweets, accusing Schwartz of pushing his docket portion avoiding “any dialogue” concerning topics not related to XRP. 


reported by U.Today

, the feud started aft Schwartz criticized Wright’s statement astir Bitcoin adoption, calling it “dumb.” The self-proclaimed Satoshi called XRP “the astir useless pump and dump scheme.”

The Twitter feud betwixt Ripple CTO David Schwartz and self-proclaimed Satoshi Craig Wright has been ongoing for much than a week. These 2 cryptocurrency pioneers person been debating the merits and flaws of XRP versus Wright's Bitcoin alternate -- BSV. 

Schwartz rejects the thought that helium instigated the full thing, maintaining that each helium had done was pointing retired however incorrect Wright was. “If I spot an statement that I deliberation is dumb, americium I not expected to accidental that I deliberation it's dumb?" the Ripple enforcement asked. 

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