Ripple Lawsuit: SEC Might Be Hesitant to Go After Similar Cases, Law Veteran Says Why

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Tomiwabold Olajide

Question of what is adjacent remains successful hearts of crypto marketplace participants

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The court's July 13 determination that XRP is not a information marks a landmark ruling, not conscionable for Ripple but for the full crypto industry. This is due to the fact that it sets the precedent for different crypto assets and securities regularisation successful the U.S. and was the archetypal manufacture triumph implicit the SEC.

According to Ripple, the SEC's suit against the institution was unfounded and represents yet different effort to modulate crypto done intimidation and enforcement.

That said, the question of what is adjacent remains successful the hearts of crypto marketplace participants fixed that since January, the SEC has brought 24 crypto-related enforcement cases, including lawsuits against the exchanges Binance, Coinbase, Kraken and Gemini.

There person been speculations connected whether the SEC mightiness spell aft Ethereum pursuing its migration to impervious of involvement via the Merge upgrade past September.

This is due to the fact that Gary Gensler, the seat of the SEC, had antecedently claimed that ether mightiness suffice arsenic a information aft switching to impervious of stake. Users of Ethereum are uncertain arsenic to whether the SEC volition instrumentality enforcement action.

This was a question posed to erstwhile SEC lawyer Marc Fagel by a Twitter idiosyncratic who asked if the SEC mightiness spell aft the ETH instauration aft the Ripple ruling. Fagel answered uncertainly that this depends connected the grounds arsenic good arsenic the statute of limitations.

Depends connected the evidence, arsenic good arsenic the statute of limitations. I fishy that, aft the Ripple ruling, they whitethorn beryllium reluctant to prosecute a comparable lawsuit (and the anterior administration's code is simply a problem), but I don't person immoderate insights into their existent enforcement strategy.

— Marc Fagel (@Marc_Fagel) July 24, 2023

In his view, aft the Ripple ruling, the SEC mightiness beryllium reluctant to prosecute a comparable case. Fagel adds immoderate uncertainty by saying that helium does not person insights astir the SEC's existent enforcement strategy.

The judge's determination successful the Ripple lawsuit delivered the SEC a setback due to the fact that it recovered that the institution did not interruption securities instrumentality erstwhile it offered XRP to retail investors, but it did erstwhile it came to organization investors.

Over the weekend, successful caller filings with Terraform Labs, the SEC hinted astatine appealing the Ripple ruling.

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