Robinhood CEO Tenev Announces AI Research Lab Launch

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While determination are a plethora of reliable applications successful the conception of substance AI chatbots, this sphere inactive severely needs a accelerated and robust instrumentality for mathematical operations, the Robinhood CEO admits.

Robinhood CEO launches Harmonic mathematics AI lab

Vlad Tenev, CEO of fashionable trading level Robinhood, announces the inception of Harmony, a commercialized artificial quality probe laboratory. The inaugural volition beryllium focused connected gathering Mathematical Superintelligence (MSI), Tenev shared connected his X (formerly Twitter) account.

Announcing the enactment of Harmonic, a commercialized AI probe laboratory gathering Mathematical Superintelligence (MSI). 1/

— Vlad Tenev (@vladtenev) June 10, 2024

In this case, Mathematical Superintelligence should beryllium considered artificial quality with mathematical reasoning capabilities greater than those of each humans.

While modern ample connection models are susceptible of producing connection that sounds and feels human, they show overmuch poorer show erstwhile it comes to mathematics operations.

Meanwhile, bringing to beingness AI-powered mathematical instruments mightiness beryllium of paramount value to a wide scope of technological disciplines:

Mathematics was invented arsenic a invaluable instrumentality by aboriginal humans to precisely lick this problem. It allows america to rigorously specify and align connected a communal information and is the instauration for each technological discovery.

Instead of addressing increasing needs by gathering "larger and larger connection models," Tenev's caller inaugural volition beryllium focused connected multi-purpose verifiably close tooling.

Robinhood made headlines with Bitstamp acquisition

Tenev introduced Standford's AI seasoned and CTO Tudor Achim arsenic the CEO of the caller venture. The Robinhood CEO volition clasp the relation of enforcement chairman.

The caller task volition beryllium tally separately from Robinhood, and Tenev's presumption volition beryllium non-operations, a connection says.

As covered by U.Today previously, Robinhood decided to acquisition cryptocurrency elephantine Bitstamp for $200 million.


With this acquisition finalized, Robinhood volition to leverage Bitstamp's postulation of progressive licenses and registrations astir the world.

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