Sam Bankman-Fried's charitable donations sought by FTX: Report

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FTX's caller absorption is seeking to retrieve millions of dollars donated by Future Fund and SBF.

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FTX's caller absorption is seeking to retrieve millions of dollars successful donations made by the crypto speech and its erstwhile CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, reports the Wall Street Journal. 

At the extremity of September, FTX's foundation arm, Future Fund, had committed much than $160 cardinal to implicit 110 nonprofit organizations, including biotech startups and assemblage researchers processing Covid-19 vaccines and moving connected pandemic studies, arsenic good arsenic nonprofit organizations successful India, China and Brazil.

As per the report, Future Fund committed $3.6 cardinal to AVECRIS, a institution moving connected a familial vaccine platform, and different $5 cardinal were donated to Atlas Fellowship for scholarships and high-school summertime programs successful San Francisco.

A spokesperson for Bankman-Fried said that charitable donations were not made from lawsuit deposits, but from trading profits.

The foundation limb was announced successful February 2022 readying to deploy implicit $100 million successful its archetypal twelvemonth and scope up to $1 cardinal successful donations.

1/ We're thrilled to denote the FTX Foundation's Future Fund. We marque grants and investments to ambitious projects to amended humanity's semipermanent prospects.

We program to deploy >$100M this year, and perchance a batch much (in rule up to $1B).

— Future Fund (@ftxfuturefund) February 28, 2022

Despite the diminution successful crypto prices, donations were kept. On Sep. 23, Future Fund's Twitter illustration announced "a important fraction" of superior to beryllium deployed connected researches and initiatives moving connected hazard absorption for artificial wide quality (AGI), with prizes up to $1.5 million, arsenic good arsenic thousands of dollars successful rewards for those who "best critiques of our views" astir the aboriginal of artificial intelligence. 

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We're making large bets—a important fraction of our capital—on AGI xrisk. But we deliberation it's truly imaginable that we're wrong!

Today we're announcing prizes from $15k-$1.5M to alteration our minds (or those of superforecasters) connected AGI. Enter by Dec 23!

— Future Fund (@ftxfuturefund) September 23, 2022

FTX's donations to governmental parties and candidates are also nether probe by United States prosecutors. Bankman-Fried was the second-largest “CEO contributor” to Joe Biden’s 2020 statesmanlike campaign, with $5.2 cardinal successful donations. 

Clawback provisions could unit businesses and investors to instrumentality billions of dollars paid successful the months anterior to the crypto exchange's collapse, Cointelegraph reported. FTX's caller absorption says that "a fig of recipients of contributions oregon different payments" person approached the institution to instrumentality the funds.

On Jan. 4, Bankman-Fried pleaded not blameworthy to each transgression charges helium faces relating to the illness of the crypto exchange, including ligament fraud, securities fraud, and run concern violations. Since Dec. 22, helium has been nether location apprehension astatine his parents' location successful California.

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