“Satoshi” Spotted at Super Bowl

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Twitter laminitis Jack Dorsey was spotted donning a "Satoshi" shirt, a motion to Bitcoin's pseudonymous creator, portion seated alongside celebrities Jay-Z and Beyoncé. 

The moment, which was captured and shared wide connected X (formerly Twitter), brought the satellite of cryptocurrency into the limelight during 1 of the year's most-watched sports events.

A triumph to remember

The Super Bowl 2024 not lone celebrated the Kansas City Chiefs' nail-biting triumph implicit the San Francisco 49ers but besides marked a idiosyncratic triumph for Travis Kelce and his girlfriend, popular superstar Taylor Swift.

The Chiefs secured their 3rd title, defeating the San Francisco 49ers successful an overtime thriller with a last people of 25-22.

The couple's nationalist show of affection aft the Chiefs' triumphant defence of their NFL rubric became a focal constituent of the event. 

She precocious won Album of the Year astatine the Grammys, mounting a grounds for the category, and announced her adjacent album, "The Tortured Poets Department," owed April 19.

The lack of crypto ads 

Despite the spotlight connected Dorsey's Bitcoin-themed attire, the 2024 Super Bowl marked different twelvemonth without nonstop cryptocurrency advertising. 

Major players successful the integer plus space, including exchanges and ETF issuers, chose to sideline themselves from the event's advertizing frenzy. 

Following the illness of FTX and aggregate ineligible hurdles, the manufacture is present focused connected education, regulatory navigation, and planetary outreach alternatively than splurging connected high-profile selling spots.

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