SHIB Killer BONK Records Over 50% More Transactions Than Ethereum in Past 3 Days

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Godfrey Benjamin

BONK transaction number dwarfs Ethereum's arsenic meme coin hype continues

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Alleged Shiba Inu (SHIB) killer, Bonk (BONK) is maintaining its stellar commencement arsenic a meme coin arsenic it has continued to deed caller milestones, including surpassing the full fig of transactions connected the Ethereum (ETH) network. According to a tweet from the authoritative relationship of the meme coin, the token has recorded a full of 4,623,518 transactions implicit the past 14 days, a fig that surpasses Ethereum's 1,831.79 cardinal by much than 50%.

BONK became a sensation successful the crypto assemblage arsenic it paraded itself arsenic the archetypal dog-focused token connected the Solana blockchain network. With the crypto ecosystem successful hunt of truthful overmuch thrill, galore jumped connected committee to bargain the token, pushing its terms to a importantly precocious pedestal.

At the clip of writing, Bonk is changing hands astatine $0.000001925, down 56.68% implicit the past 24 hours. Despite the monolithic regular slump successful the terms of the token, it is inactive up by much than 2,000% implicit the past 7 days. As a caller meme coin, Bonk is connected way to bushed the instrumentality grounds of some Shiba Inu and Dogecoin (DOGE), and galore of its assemblage members judge its bullish momentum is conscionable gathering up.

BONK token pain thrill

The BONK token whitethorn beryllium a young meme coin, however, it has a precise unsocial design, 1 of which is its deflationary nature. Thus far, the BONK token has burnt much than 500 cardinal tokens of its 56 trillion coins successful circulation.

Among the coin's burning mechanics plan is the likelihood that the caller Solana mobile phone Saga will besides beryllium utilized successful burning the BONK tokens. Solana Mobile hinted astatine this anticipation connected Twitter, arsenic reported by U.Today, erstwhile a idiosyncratic said that helium mightiness see utilizing BONK tokens to bargain the telephone if a portion of the net volition beryllium burnt off.

For BONK, its travel is conscionable getting started.

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