Shibarium Project Crypto Giveaway Announced by Poloniex

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Yuri Molchan

Major speech owned by Justin Sun announces giveaway of token of this large Shibarium partner

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Poloniex crypto speech owned by laminitis of Tron blockchain crypto billionaire Justin Sun has tweeted that it is listing the Bad Idea AI token (BAD), which is 1 of the Shibarium partners.

To observe this singular event, the trading level is giving distant $22,000 worthy of BAD tokens to traders.

BAD giveaway details

The promotional giveaway run volition past for a week — from contiguous (July 26) until Aug. 2.

The airdrop volition beryllium divided into 3 parts, with antithetic presumption of participating successful each one. To instrumentality portion successful the archetypal airdrop, traders request to invitation friends and supply them with their idiosyncratic links to fto them registry connected Poloniex. Those who bring successful caller users volition beryllium capable articulation the airdrop of $2,000 successful BAD. The maximum reward for 1 trader is $20 worthy of BAD.

The 2nd airdrop requires holding BAD tokens; successful that case, users volition beryllium capable to enactment successful a $5,000 BAD giveaway. Each subordinate needs to person a minimum of 285 BAD tokens connected their equilibrium sheet.

Poloniex volition instrumentality snapshots of the participants' wallets randomly each time during the week erstwhile the giveaway takes place.

The prize excavation for the 3rd giveaway is the biggest one, $15,000 worthy of BAD. To instrumentality part, users request to commercialized BAD and person a definite minimum trading measurement required by the Poloniex team.

$22,000 Airdrop to Celebrate the Listing of Bad Idea AI #BAD@badideaai (Official account)

Campaign play (UTC): ⏰
July 26th, 11:00 - August 2nd, 10:59

✅ Invite caller users to stock $2,000
✅ Hold BAD to stock $5,000
✅ Trade to stock $15,000

For much information, please…

— Poloniex Exchange (@Poloniex) July 26, 2023

Bad Idea AI tech task announced its concern with the Shibarium Layer 2 blockchain successful June this year. BAD is an AI-based token that combines successful itself blockchain, AI, DAOs and memes.

Shibarium transaction number keeps growing

According to the Puppyscan explorer, Puppynet (the sanction for the Shibarium beta launched connected March 11) has seen unchangeable and accelerated maturation successful its transaction count. Shibarium users person added 1 cardinal transactions virtually wrong 3 days.

The aforementioned metric present reads 32,546,986 — that is different half-million emergence implicit the past fewer days. The wide magnitude of blocks mined connected Puppynet equals 1,854,453.

Shibarium rejects BAD listing connection from ill-famed exchange

A week ago, the selling adept of Shiba Inu, Lucie, wrote a station that a definite speech had offered the SHIB squad to database BAD.

However, the connection was rejected since, astir a twelvemonth ago, the crypto trading level had short-changed BONE users and did not let them to retreat their crypto. This speech is Biconomy, according to a report.

Biconomy is based successful Canada, and it was launched successful 2017, the twelvemonth erstwhile Bitcoin deed the $20,000 level for the archetypal time. The level launched a "BONE listing celebration" successful July 2022 with a trading contention and prizes.

One loyal SHIB instrumentality named MaximousDarwin connected Twitter moved each his BONE stashes there, from his MetaMask wallet and MEXC exchange. After trading for a fewer days, Biconomy had a impermanent occupation with withdrawals. When the idiosyncratic noticed signs of a imaginable rug pull, helium decided to determination his BONE wholly disconnected that exchange; however, helium had to wage highly precocious fees for that ultimately.

The admins of the SHIB Telegram channel, who were contacted by Biconomy astir the BAD listing, were alert of that story, and they turned the connection down. Lucie stated that their extremity was not conscionable to get BAD listed everyplace and pump their bags but to support Shibarium users and investors.

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