Solana Meme Coin Creator Bought 95% of His Own Supply

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Solana Meme Coin Creator Bought 95% of His Own Supply

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Solly meme coin is 1 of the latest additions to the Solana meme coin landscape. However, a look into the project's on-chain enactment reveals a worrying fact. Its developer has made an tremendous purchase, capturing 95% of the meme's proviso successful his ain hands, arsenic reported by LookOnChain, which opens up galore ways to manipulate the market.

Based connected caller data, 4 wallets connected to the Solly improvement squad purchased 950 cardinal SOLLY tokens for 152 SOL, oregon astir $24,000. With this acquisition, which accounts for 95% of SOLLY's full supply, the developer gains astir full power implicit the token's marketplace dynamics. For users it is risky that a azygous entity controls specified a ample information of the token supply. 

With specified a precocious grade of control, the developer tin make pump and dump schemes, artificially inflate prices oregon person undue power implicit the organisation and liquidity of tokens. The 950 cardinal SOLLY tokens that were purchased were past divided among respective wallets. 


This part into respective wallets tin summation the opacity and imaginable risks for investors by making it hard to travel the precise movements and intentions down these transfers. It keeps the existent power centralized portion generating the quality of decentralization. The Solly developers are anonymous and tin instrumentality immoderate benignant of enactment without facing immoderate consequences, truthful it is important to enactment cautious if you clasp immoderate tokens.

Projects wherever 1 institution controls a disproportionate magnitude of the proviso should rise reddish flags for investors due to the fact that these situations often impact accrued risks of unfair concern practices and marketplace manipulation. Despite the information that adjacent top-tier projects tin person a organisation wherever 1 entity holds a respectable magnitude of the supply, nary of their shares scope the utmost of 95%.

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