South Korea brings in new measures to tackle crypto crimes

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  • The Financial Intelligence Unit precocious held a gathering regarding this action.
  • Five large crypto exchanges attended the gathering and shared what measures they person taken to code crypto crime.

The South Korean authorities said that section authorities volition enactment to fortify the compliance efforts of crypto plus work providers.

The Financial Intelligence Unit held a gathering connected 27 July to “strengthen the compliance capableness of virtual plus work providers,” arsenic per the press release shared by the Financial Services Commission (FSC).

Five large crypto exchanges, namely Upbit, Bithum, Coinone, Cobit, and Gopax, attended the meeting. All of them besides shared what actions they person taken to code crypto crime.

While Upbit is utilizing artificial quality successful its responsibility transaction detection system, Coinone has reinforced blacklist absorption and risky wallet monitoring. Other exchanges person besides taken antithetic measures to code the menace of crypto crime.

South Korea pursues a slew of measures to tackle crypto crime

It was lone a time earlier connected 26 July that South Korea launched an interagency probe portion to combat crypto-related crime.  At slightest 30 investigators from the prosecution, the Financial Supervisory Service, the National Tax Service, and the Korea Customs Service marque up the unit.

The unit’s superior absorption is to analyse marketplace participants progressive successful issuance oregon organisation of cryptocurrency to admit irregular trading activities and probe related crypto crimes.

Last month, the National Assembly of South Korea passed the Virtual Asset User Protection Act. Its superior extremity is to archetypal use the Capital Market Act to virtual assets with a securities nature. Regulators successful the U.S. are besides pursuing a akin argumentation towards cryptocurrency.

The authorities reportedly incorporates 19 crypto-related bills. It provides a unified measure that defines cryptocurrency. It besides imposes fines for illicit trading activities similar utilizing undisclosed information, marketplace manipulation and different unfair crypto trading practices.

The enactment empowers the FSC and the cardinal slope the authorization to oversee crypto work providers and custodians.

South Korea antecedently said that it would necessitate legislators and companies to furnish details astir their crypto holdings.

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