Tax attorney breaks down the MicroStrategy Bitcoin sale

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MicroStrategy’s caller merchantability of a information of its Bitcoin treasury holdings puts cryptocurrency tax-loss harvesting into the spotlight.

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Tax lawyer  breaks down   the MicroStrategy Bitcoin sale

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Business quality steadfast MicroStrategy made headlines up of New Year's Eve arsenic the merchantability of a information of its Bitcoin (BTC) holdings drew the attraction of manufacture experts and critics.

A regulatory filing with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) connected Dec. 28 detailed the archetypal clip the steadfast sold immoderate of its BTC since its high-profile adoption of the preeminent cryptocurrency arsenic its superior treasury asset.

MicroStrategy made waves successful the manufacture successful 2021 arsenic it began amassing important holdings of BTC, with laminitis Michael Saylor touting the plus arsenic a superior store of worth to fiat currency arsenic a superior crushed for the move.

Given Saylor’s relation arsenic a staunch Bitcoin proponent implicit the past 2 years, MicroStrategy’s determination to merchantability immoderate of its BTC drew attraction crossed the industry. However, the company’s SEC filing outlines wide intent to make a taxation benefit.

MicroStrategy’s subsidiary MacroStrategy bought 2,395 BTC for astir $42.8 cardinal betwixt Nov. 1 and Dec. 21 astatine an mean terms of $17,871 per BTC. It past sold 704 Bitcoins connected Dec. 22 astatine an mean terms of $16,776 per Bitcoin for $11.8 million, highlighting its intent to trim its taxation bill:

“MicroStrategy plans to transportation backmost the superior losses resulting from this transaction against erstwhile superior gains, to the grade specified carrybacks are disposable nether the national income taxation laws presently successful effect, which whitethorn make a taxation benefit.”

Cointelegraph reached retired to planetary taxation lawyer and CPA Selva Ozelli to unpack MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin merchantability and the reasoning down it. As she explains, selling cryptocurrencies for a nett successful America would necessitate the outgo of superior gains tax:

“Some investors take to trim their superior gains successful a fixed taxation twelvemonth by selling immoderate of their integer assets astatine a loss. This is called tax-loss harvesting.”

Ozelli said that the signifier is communal for individuals successful the cryptocurrency space, fixed that assets similar BTC are treated arsenic spot by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and taxable to superior gains and losses rules.

“Furthermore, the lavation merchantability rule, which prohibits selling securities astatine a nonaccomplishment and reacquiring them wrong 30 days does not apply. Because crypto is not a security, determination is nary crypto-specific lavation merchantability rule.”

MicroStrategy made usage of this exception, reacquiring 810 bitcoins for astir $13.6 cardinal successful currency conscionable 2 days aft realizing a nonaccomplishment connected the merchantability of a information of its holdings.

Ozelli highlighted the volatility of cryptocurrency marketplace prices arsenic an accidental for retail and organization investors to recognize and harvest superior losses. The situation lies successful identifying assets that contiguous the top accidental for taxation savings:

“The hard portion for investors is identifying which of the integer assets successful their portfolio person the highest outgo ground (original acquisition price) erstwhile compared to the existent marketplace price.”

Nonfungible tokens besides contiguous different avenue to trim taxation liabilities. Renowned DJ Steve Aoki has been selling a assortment of NFTs connected OpenSea, with his enactment publically viewable connected his verified profile.

Reports speculate that Aoki whitethorn person been looking to transportation retired tax-loss harvesting. Cointelegraph has reached retired to the DJ’s publicist to ascertain the crushed for the merchantability of hundreds of NFTs from his extended collection.

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