USDC: Turbulent journey of the stablecoin continues with recovery at bay

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  • USDC tokens successful circulation hav plunged 37% since SVB fiasco successful March.
  • Transaction measurement was yet to amusement immoderate important indications of recovery.

As ironic arsenic it whitethorn sound, the travel of stablecoin USD Coin [USDC] successful 2023 has been alternatively tumultuous. Since the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) fiasco successful aboriginal March, the USD-backed crypto has witnessed a accordant autumn successful trading measurement and circulating supply, according to on-chain probe steadfast IntoTheBlock.

Source: IntoTheBlocka

Transaction measurement sank to a two-year debased hardly a period aft the crisis. And it was yet to spot immoderate important indications of recovery.  In the tweet dated 29 July, IntoTheBlock added that USDC tokens successful circulation plunged 37% since the incident.

USDC’s plunge into misery

The second-largest stablecoin with a marketplace headdress of much than $26 billion, USDC has been a taxable of extended sum successful 2o23, chiefly for antagonistic reasons.

USDC was astatine the halfway of the biggest depegging of 2023 frankincense acold erstwhile the coin which is expected to clasp connected to its dollar peg, plunged to a discount of $0.9683.

Source: CoinMarketCap

The deviation was precipitated by issuer Circle’s disclosure that much than 8% of the reserves backing the stablecoin were trapped successful the failed Silicon Valley Bank. The lawsuit caused mayhem successful the market, causing a dent successful investors’ portfolios.

The depegging triggered a domino effect, with algorithmic stablecoin DAI, whose bulk collateral reserves were held successful USDC, besides climbing down beneath $1.

Redemptions outpace issuance

In principle, if a idiosyncratic wishes to bargain USDC coins, they request to deposit an equivalent magnitude of USD. This process leads to the minting of caller tokens which travel into circulation. Conversely, USDC’s are burned erstwhile users redeem their tokens for their fiat currency.

Since the depegging fiasco, USDC redemptions person outpaced issuances, per information from Dune, with a nett pain number of implicit 16 cardinal tokens connected the Ethereum [ETH] chain. This was reflective of dwindling request for the stablecoin.

Source: Dune

Market gets heated up

The stablecoin scenery has witnessed a oversea of alteration since the episodes of March. While Tether [USDT] steadily scooped up USDC’s marketplace to consolidate its position, Binance- backed TrueUSD [TUSD] emerged arsenic the caller subordinate connected horizon.

Source: Glassnode

Moreover, the caller motorboat of First Digital USD [FDUSD] has besides heated up the market. The continuing negativity coupled with increasing contention could marque things conscionable a spot hard for USDC to crook things around.

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