VC Firm Founder: ‘$SOL up 2x in 10 Days From the Bottom’, Solana Is ‘Too Strong’

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On Monday (9 January 2023), with $SOL up 21% connected the day, Mike Dudas, Founder and General Partner astatine NYC-based task superior steadfast 6th Man Ventures (“6MV”), said that Solana’s technology, products, and assemblage are “too strong” for $SOL to autumn to $0 (which is what immoderate doomsayers expect to happen).

Dudas, who is besides presently Vice President and Head of Stablecoin Business Development at fiat-backed stablecoin issuer Paxos, told his implicit 129K Twitter followers:

$sol up 2x successful 10 days from the bottommost – erstwhile galore were saying it was headed to $0@solana technology, products and assemblage excessively strong

the radical who substance are inactive present – and galore much connected the way…

— Mike Dudas (⛳️,🏆) (@mdudas) January 9, 2023

According to information by TradingView, $SOL’s latest terms rally started astir 11:00 p.m. UTC connected Sunday (8 January 2023) erstwhile $SOL was trading astir $13.77 and presently (as of 11:05 a.m. UTC connected 9 January 2023) $SOL is trading astir $16.54, which is simply a summation of implicit 20% vs USD. In fact, successful the past 24-hour period, $SOL is up astir 22% vs USD.

Last Friday (6 January 2023), Thomas Dunleavy, Senior Research Analyst astatine Messari, said that $SOL regular progressive wallets had reached 3X pre FTX illness levels:

And Vanessa Harris, Group Product Manager astatine Web3 domain supplier Unstoppable Domains, had a succinct mentation for the caller surge successful involvement successful Solana:

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VC Firm Founder: ‘$SOL up 2x successful 10 Days From the Bottom’, Solana Is ‘Too Strong’




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