Venom Foundation Scores One Million Registered Accounts: Details

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Vladislav Sopov

Venom Foundation, UAE-regulated Web3 conglomerate, shares statistic of its rocketing metrics successful Q3, 2023

Venom Foundation, a new-gen blockchain with a absorption connected DeFi and NFT usage cases, smashed done large milestones successful July, 2023. Record-breaking metrics person been witnessed successful presumption of transaction count, astute declaration count, accounts registered and truthful on.

Venom Foundation registers whopping growth, numbers say

Today, connected July 25, 2023, Venom Foundation reached its archetypal cardinal of accounts registered. Besides that, successful the archetypal 3 months aft nationalist testnet release, the blockchain witnessed awesome maturation successful the spheres of astute contracts, non-fungible tokens and confirmed transactions, the authoritative connection says.

Venom Foundation is connected a ngo to beryllium the archetypal successful onboarding a cardinal users onto the blockchain and alteration the fiscal scenery earlier 2026.

In this thread, we'll research the 3 cardinal pillars that thrust this vision.

— Venom Foundation (@VenomFoundation) July 7, 2023

In June 2023, it recorded 277 cardinal transactions betwixt testnet accounts, which is adjacent to a 46% summation compared to May levels. The squad of the ADGM-registered venue is definite that this upsurge is grounds of the increasing popularity of the blockchain successful assorted spheres.

Also, the platform saw a 65% surge successful the aggregated number of progressive wallets with astute contracts. Now, implicit 28 cardinal astute contracts are moving connected Venom Foundation.

As covered by U.Today previously, Venom Foundation launched its archetypal iteration of its nationalist testnet successful April 2023. Its squad promotes itself arsenic the archetypal Dubai-headquartered and afloat regulated cryptocurrency business.

Prior to opening its testnet for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, Venom Foundation announced a $1 cardinal money for projects funny successful utilizing it arsenic a method basis.

NFT number connected Venom astir doubled successful June

Besides accomplishments successful astute contracts and registered relationship metrics, the blockchain registered a 93% spike successful the nett fig of NFTs minted connected its platform. As a effect of ample societal initiatives, this metric jumped to 5.8 cardinal successful June.

Christopher Louis Tsu, acting CTO and CEO of the Venom Foundation, is impressed astir the archetypal results of his project's enlargement successful Dubai and abroad:

Frankly speaking, it took maine wholly by surprise. We had 250,000 users successful the archetypal six days. Can you ideate opening a caller store successful town, drafting the curtains backmost and seeing 4th of a cardinal radical lined up extracurricular your door.

In Q1, 2023, Venom Foundation besides scored a fig of large partnerships, including with Everscale, DAO Maker launchpad and, astir recently, with the Government of Kenya.

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