Vitalik Buterin Shares Rare Ethereum (ETH) Roadmap Update

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Vitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum, precocious provided an update connected the ETH roadmap, detailing important advancement and upcoming developments for the blockchain network. This follows the caller Dencun upgrade, implemented connected March 13, which aims to trim costs for layer-2 transactions and amended information availability.

The Dencun upgrade introduced proto-danksharding, besides known arsenic EIP-4844, which allows for the inclusion of information "blobs" successful blocks. This upgrade marks a important betterment successful web efficiency, gathering connected the erstwhile successes of the Merge and Shanghai upgrades.


The adjacent successful enactment are The Verge and The Purge upgrades. The archetypal volition spot the integration of Verkle trees, which volition alteration stateless clients and trim the outgo of moving a node. This alteration is anticipated to let for a tenfold summation successful the layer-1 state limit, resulting successful cheaper transactions. 

The second aims to simplify the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) by removing definite features, specified arsenic the SELFDESTRUCT opcode and the 2,300 state stipend. This simplification volition streamline the EVM and heighten its efficiency.

""Ethereum Roadmap by Vitalik Buterin


In the latest post, Buterin noted that the prohibition connected the SELFDESTRUCT opcode is astir complete. While the opcode remains for now, its astir problematic behaviour — editing an unlimited fig of retention slots simultaneously — has been addressed with the Dencun upgrade. This accommodation is an important measurement toward simplifying Ethereum’s protocol and improving its information and performance.

The SELFDESTRUCT prohibition is mostly finished, actually! The opcode inactive exists (for now), but its astir harmful behaviour (namely, editing an unlimited fig of retention slots each astatine once) is removed since Dencun.

— vitalik.eth (@VitalikButerin) May 20, 2024

These updates item Ethereum's ongoing efforts to germinate into a much scalable and businesslike blockchain. 

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