What DOT holders need to know in case crypto regulation hammer drops

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  • Polkadot mightiness beryllium harmless from a regulatory apocalypse, according to the WEB3 Foundation.
  • DOT demonstrated little comparative spot arsenic bullish momentum failed to output overmuch upside.

Crypto regularisation mightiness displacement into precocious cogwheel soon, considering the abundance of crypto scams and incidents wherever investors mislaid money. Polkadot [DOT] identified the imaginable menace that whitethorn travel with specified enactment and, arsenic such, it has released a connection for DOT investors.

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According to a caller station by the WEB3 Foundation, DOT does not autumn into the securities category. Instead, it is considered arsenic bundle and Polkadot has been moving with the SEC successful pursuit of sensible regulation. This is an important consideration, particularly considering that astir crypto problems successful 2022 could person been avoided done due regulation.

Polkadot's autochthonal token DOT has morphed from a information into a non-security. @Polkadot is, and ever has been, co-ordinating software. Web3 Foundation’s CLO @d_schoenberger, @daltonan, & @josh_blockchain explicate the communicative truthful acold successful the @SamPeurifoy podcast: https://t.co/8vigPKS0Pv

— Web3 Foundation (@Web3foundation) January 5, 2023

So, volition DOT beryllium harmless erstwhile the regulatory apocalypse is upon us? Well, everything regarding regularisation is inactive successful the realm of uncertainty. Governments inactive person to fig retired what regulations volition enactment without doing much harm than good. Draconian regulations mightiness beryllium atrocious for the full crypto segment, successful which lawsuit DOT mightiness beryllium negatively affected.

The interaction connected the terms enactment of DOT

Harsh regulations whitethorn hammer down connected capitalist sentiment, perchance triggering different clang for the crypto market. On the different hand, favorable regulations whitethorn bring much assurance into the fold, successful which lawsuit much radical mightiness beryllium encouraged to get into crypto. DOT mightiness travel either of these paths erstwhile the regulatory model is yet revealed.

DOT has already tanked by a sizable borderline successful the past 12 months. It conscionable delivered a bullish show since the commencement of 2023 by rallying arsenic overmuch arsenic 8%. But this upside mightiness beryllium limited, arsenic it is present showing signs of merchantability unit astatine the RSI’s 50% level.

DOT terms  action

Source: TradingView

DOT’s MFI registered a ample uptick successful the past fewer days, but it underscored anemic bullish momentum compared to the resulting terms rally. Previous MFI upticks delivered a stronger upside; hence, this latest rally suggests that determination is debased demand. In addition, DOT’s marketplace headdress dropped by arsenic overmuch arsenic $150 cardinal from 4 January’s highs.

DOT marketplace  cap

Source: Santiment

A 57.71x connected the cards if DOT hits Bitcoin’s marketplace cap?

The driblet successful marketplace headdress indicates that immoderate selling unit is returning to the market, hence determination whitethorn beryllium much downside successful store. DOT’s volatility indicator suggested that the cryptocurrency whitethorn acquisition little volatility successful the adjacent fewer days.

DOT volatility and improvement  activity

Source: Santiment

However, determination is immoderate anticipation for the bulls present that the improvement enactment metric is showing signs of accrued activity. Polkadot’s long-term expectations whitethorn besides improve, arsenic the web continues to execute much improvement milestones.

Regardless, 2023 whitethorn person a batch of surprises ahead. It would not beryllium astonishing if regulatory measures are among those surprises.

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