What to expect as Optimism unlocks tokens worth millions

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  • Though OP’s terms enactment was bullish, its 24-hour trading measurement registered a decline. 
  • Market indicators kept supporting the bulls, suggesting a further terms uptick.

Optimism [OP] precocious turned bullish arsenic its terms went up successful the past 24 hours. However, the bully days mightiness not past long, arsenic OP witnessed an summation successful its circulating supply. Token Unlocks’ latest tweet revealed that OPs worthy millions of dollars were released successful the marketplace connected 30 July 2023. As the circulating proviso increases, determination are precocious chances of OP’s bullish rally coming to an end. 

How overmuch are 1,10,100 OPs worthy today         

The aftermath of the token unlock

After a week-long terms decline, from nowhere, the token’s terms gained bullish momentum. According to CoinMarketCap, OP was up by much than 4% successful the past 24 hours. At the clip of writing, it was trading astatine $1.56 with a marketplace capitalization of implicit $1 billion.

However, the terms uptrend was accompanied by a double-digit diminution successful trading volume, which is usually a bearish signal.

Things tin crook worse successful the abbreviated word arsenic 24 million OP, which are worthy implicit $36 million, were injected into the market. According to Token Unlocks, the recently unlocked tokens accounted for 3.56% of Optimism’s supply. As of now, 16% of Optimism’s full proviso has been released into the market.

🚨 Notable Unlocks Alert 🚨

Tomorrow, 24M of $OP volition beryllium unlocked (worth $36.5 million)

Consists of: Core Contributors ( Team ) & Investors

There are 45 much unlocks of this size to travel 🔥

Let’s spot what the result of these unlocks volition beryllium 🔎

Link : https://t.co/2Rhyr8geUg pic.twitter.com/9dSOaUP40x

— Token Unlocks (@Token_Unlocks) July 29, 2023

Simply put, erstwhile proviso increases, request declines, which causes a driblet successful the terms of an asset. Therefore, the chances of a halt to the OP’s bull rally seemed likely. Additionally, a look astatine the token’s on-chain metrics besides gave a bearish notion, contempt the caller terms gains.

For instance, its MVRV Ratio declined sharply past week. Negative sentiment around OP was ascendant successful the market, arsenic evident from its weighted sentiment. The whale transaction number dropped, reflecting little willingness of whales to commercialized the token.

On apical of that, Optimism’s unfastened involvement dropped. A diminution successful the metric usually means a inclination reversal, expanding the chances of OP’s uptrend ending soon.

Source: Santiment

Realistic oregon not, here’s OP marketplace headdress successful BTC‘s terms

Not everything is against Optimism 

Surprisingly, a look astatine Optimism’s regular illustration revealed that the bulls were controlling the market. The Exponential Moving Average (EMA) Ribbon displayed a bullish crossover arsenic the 20-day EMA flipped the 55-day EMA.

OP’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) was moving up. Its Money Flow Index (MFI) besides followed the aforesaid trend, giving anticipation for a continued terms uptick. Nonetheless, the Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) remained bearish arsenic it was beneath the neutral people of 0. 

Source: TradingView

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