Why a ‘bullish’ RUNE doesn’t tell us the whole story

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RUNE is presently attempting a betterment aft extending its downside implicit the past fewer days. It precocious retested its structural enactment adjacent the $3-price level too.

The past clip RUNE traded astir the aforesaid terms constituent was connected 23 February and 21 July, some aft large carnivore runs. It looks similar things aren’t precise antithetic this time, particularly since the retest comes aft a large downturn.

RUNE’s terms dropped by astir 80% from its end-of-March precocious to its existent enactment level.

Source: TradingView

RUNE was trading astatine $3.36m astatine the clip of writing, aft a notable betterment from its $2.46 debased connected 12 May. The terms registered a pullback aft the caller section low, earlier closing the time connected the 0% Fibonacci enactment line.

RUNE’s terms looks similar it is connected a bullish betterment path. A short-term rally volition apt retest enactment adjacent the 2 closest Fibonacci retracement levels astatine the 23.60% and 38.2% lines. This means that it volition apt brushwood enactment adjacent the $5.42 and $6.90 terms levels, respectively.

Will RUNE support the bullish trajectory?

RUNE’s terms enactment has been heavy oversold implicit the past fewer weeks and is owed for a important retracement. This anticipation is further supported by the information RUNE’s RSI entered the oversold portion astatine its caller low. It besides registered steadfast accumulation which aided its ongoing recovery.

The bullish show implicit the past 3 days is besides a motion of downward inclination exhaustion, paving the mode for the bears to instrumentality over. RUNE’s on-chain metrics further align with the aforementioned observations.

For example, the ‘supply held by whales’ metric indicates that the sell-off is tapering out.

The ‘Binance derivatives backing rate’ metric confirms a betterment to mean levels, frankincense showing a motion of restored involvement from the derivatives market.

Source: Santiment

Additionally, developer enactment has seen a crisp driblet successful the past 5 days. This is apt owed to the interaction of UST de-pegging, particularly arsenic developers await a instrumentality to normalcy.

THORChain’s latest upgrade besides revealed that developers are waiting for the Terra squad to supply a betterment plan.


RUNE’s overdue betterment mightiness yet beryllium here. However, it does not needfully mean the rally is guaranteed. The markets person proved to beryllium highly volatile and that volatility mightiness onslaught yet again successful favour of much downside.

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