Why Is Vitalik Buterin Pushing for ERC-3770 and ERC-7683?

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Why Is Vitalik Buterin Pushing for ERC-3770 and ERC-7683?

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Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin is pushing for the adoption of caller standards, ERC-3770 and ERC-7683, for an enhanced idiosyncratic experience. The cofounder highlights limitations successful cross-chain transactions for users erstwhile dealing with the interfaces of decentralized applications and making payments crossed layer-2 networks.

Buterin points flaws successful Polymarket’s UI

Using Polymaket’s User Interface (UI) arsenic an example, Buterin highlights flaws erstwhile depositing connected Polymarket successful an X post. Comparing it with what should beryllium the ideal, Buterin believes the solution would beryllium the adoption of ERC-3770 and ERC-7683.


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According to Buterin, the ERC-3770 Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) volition integrate concatenation accusation into addresses. This would past plan an all-encompassing identifier that simplifies cross-chain payments.

Ansgar, an Ethereum Foundation researcher, stated that it is indispensable to marque definite ERC-3770 is compatible with a aboriginal 32-byte address. “The main situation with the 32-byte happening is declaration level (lots of contracts usage mod 2**160 to grip addresses). ERC-3770 is UI level. I presumption the 2 arsenic orthogonal to each other,” Buterin replied.

Additionally, Buterin enactment guardant that the implementation of ERC-7683 would alteration programmatic cross-chain transfers without concerns astir intermediary trust, oregon API connections. Overall, Buterin places the idiosyncratic successful caput with the instauration of these protocols.

As 1 of the cardinal innovators connected Ethereum, Buterin is ever coming up with caller ideas to boost security. As reported earlier, helium erstwhile projected boosting Ethereum addresses with the "checksummed" versions. These second addresses play a relation successful enhancing idiosyncratic experiences.

Ethereum needs to scale

As mentioned earlier successful our report, Buterin hints astatine caller models to assistance velocity up Ethereum transactions. With Wall Street acceptable to clasp the coin done its ETF, innovators are doing each they tin to heighten its scalability.


Vitalik Buterin Hints astatine  Model to Speed up   Ethereum Transactions

With Bitcoin already signaling occurrence successful the ETF market, for Ethereum to summation competition, it needs arsenic galore enhancements arsenic possible. To Vitalik Buterin, these ERCs whitethorn assistance bash the job.

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