Will CEL turn all odds in its favor despite Celsius Network filing its latest motion?

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  • Celsius filed a question to let lawsuit get much clip to record their claims
  • CEL was astir nonexistent on-chain but the method outlook displayed bullishness

Crypto lending steadfast Celsius Network [CEL] appealed to the United States Bankruptcy tribunal to widen the deadline to let each its affected customers to record their claims.

Initially, the tribunal acceptable 3 January arsenic the deadline. However, it seems the troubled institution has been incapable to conscionable up with the people date. Hence, the request to record the motion.

A 4185.84x hike connected the cards IF CEL hits Bitcoin’s marketplace cap?

The plea for an other month

Details from the filing showed that determination would beryllium a virtual proceeding connected the matter  connected 10 January. Besides, parties progressive with the substance had until 6 January to entity to the motion. 

Recall that Celsius halting withdrawals mid 2022 was 1 of the reasons the marketplace failed to revive importantly aft repeated capitulation. Notably, the caller filing showed that Celsius wants the deadline to beryllium by 9 February. The question read,

“The Bar Date Extension Motion seeks the Court’s support to widen the General Claims Bar Date to February 9, 2023 (the “Extended General Claims Bar Date”). A punctual solution of the Bar Date Extension Motion is imperative to guarantee that each Retail Account Holders tin person announcement of the Extended General Claims Bar Date and person the accidental to instrumentality vantage of the other clip to record proofs of Claims.”

However, comments from its Twitter disclosure showed that affected customers were not successful accordance with the request. In the interval, Celsius declined gathering up with revival expectations. This was aft the first’s caller CEO announced that mining rigs were helping with signaling affirmative currency flow. 

According to Santiment, Celsius’s improvement enactment remained level since 10 December 2022. The driblet indicated that committedness to resuscitating the task was importantly low.

In contrast, the 24-hour speechmaking measurement has been considerably progressive with a 68% increase. This translates to an appreciable fig of transactions via the network.

Celsius terms  and improvement  activity

Source: Santiment

Active addresses enactment the aforesaid arsenic CEL is connected the brink…

On the portion of the progressive addresses, on-chain information showed that galore investors chose not to interact with Celsius deposits. At property time, the 24-hour progressive addresses were 63.

This was adjacent the fig it was since 31 December 2022. Similarly, the one-day circulation was not thing to beryllium successful awe of—down astatine 180,000.

Celsius progressive  addresses and circulation

Source: Santiment

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In an absorbing twist, the four-hour illustration showed that CEL could amended than the 2.94% worth summation it recorded successful the past 24 hours. This was owed to the bullish momentum shown by the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD). 

At the clip of writing, some buying (blue) and selling (orange) were supra the histogram. With the bluish dynamic enactment implicit the orange, it mightiness beryllium hard for CEL to travel an abrupt decrease.

Celsius terms  action

Source: TradingView

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