Will Polygon’s collaboration with Uniswap help MATIC reach the moon?

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  • Polygon showed immense maturation successful the DeFi abstraction owed to its collaboration with Uniswap.
  • However, contempt the growth, the measurement connected Polygon DEXes declined.

Polygon [MATIC] was observed to beryllium showing immense maturation successful the DeFi abstraction implicit the past fewer days, contempt the carnivore market. Besides collaborating with web 2 companies, the furniture 2 solution partnered with DEXes specified arsenic Uniswap [UNI]. This confederation impacted some protocols successful a affirmative manner.

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With this partnership, Polygon helped Uniswap with getting much traders connected the DEX and allowed liquidity protocols to prosecute successful much rebalancing.

The protocol started the twelvemonth astatine $1.96 cardinal spot trading measurement successful January 2022. The yearly measurement was a whopping $28 cardinal successful the twelvemonth 2022.
The period of November got the highest measurement of $3.9 billion. pic.twitter.com/6wrVmWVfl7

— Polygon – MATIC 💜 (@0xPolygon) January 4, 2023

Polygon – Uniswap’s dApp angle

Polygon besides benefited from this concern and observed improvements successful the DeFi space.

For instance, the network’s TVL accrued materially implicit the past week and grew by 50 cardinal successful that time. The dApp enactment connected Polygon besides increased. According to information from Dapp Radar, astir dApps connected Polygon saw maturation successful presumption of unsocial progressive wallets.

Source: Dapp Radar

One crushed for the expanding DeFi enactment would beryllium the debased state fees connected Polygon. According to Dune Analytics, the mean state artifact usage connected Polygon grew substantially implicit the past week.

The fees collected made an interaction connected Polygon’s gross positively arsenic it accrued by 97.3% successful the past 24 hours, according to Token Terminal. At the clip of writing, Polygon cumulatively collected $2.6 cardinal successful revenue.

Source: Dune analytics

However, adjacent though Polygon performed good successful the DeFi sector, its DEX enactment declined successful the past 3 months, falling from $95.98 cardinal to $55.35 million, astatine property time.

Source: Dune Analytics

Unfortunately, the improvements successful Polygon’s DeFi abstraction did not person a affirmative interaction connected the token.

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All astir MATIC

Polygon failed to pull caller addresses to MATIC. This was indicated by the web growth, which declined implicit the past month.

Old MATIC holders besides did not person a crushed to beryllium optimistic, arsenic the MVRV ratio remained negative. A antagonistic MVRV ratio implied that the holders of MATIC would not beryllium taking a nett if they sold their positions astatine property time.

Source: Santiment

However, contempt each these factors, the regular progressive code connected the Polygon web accrued implicit the past fewer days. This surge successful enactment could alteration the trajectory of MATIC’s terms successful the coming future.

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