Worldcoin stuck after 70% drop from peak — More downside for WLD price?

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The terms of Worldcoin (WLD) has stabilized aft a volatile debut crossed mainstream cryptocurrency exchanges.

On July 29, the WLD terms roseate astir 6% to $2.35. Still, the token was down 70% from its marketplace debut highest of $7.50.

It present appears stuck inside the $2–2.50 trading range, hinting astatine a increasing bias struggle successful the market.

WLD/USD regular terms chart. Source: TradingView

WLD could instrumentality astir $2 until October

Notably, WLD is simply a portion of the Worldcoin Foundation launched by OpenAI’s Sam Altman connected July 24.

The token has a maximum circulation proviso of 143 million, with 43 cardinal going to Worldcoin’s app users via airdrop — 25 WLD per idiosyncratic — if they verify their individuality utilizing an eye-scanning carnal orb.

Worldcoin circulating proviso arsenic of July 29, 2023. Source: Dune Analytics

The remaining 100 cardinal tokens person been loaned to marketplace makers extracurricular the United States until October 2023. These marketplace makers tin instrumentality the WLD tokens oregon bargain them for $2 + ($0.04 * X) — wherever X is the fig of tokens being purchased divided by 1 million.

As a result, WLD terms appears to beryllium anchored astir the $2 level, which, according to Kaiko Research, could beryllium Worldcoin's strategy to support the token charismatic for imaginable users.

“Convincing radical to scan their eyes for 25 units of a token that doesn’t yet beryllium tin beryllium challenging; if the token’s terms is, say, $0.10, it’s adjacent much challenging,” the information investigation steadfast said successful its latest report, adding:

“The 25 WLD tokens are presently worthy a small much than $50 and volition apt enactment successful that scope for the adjacent 3 months. So far, this seems to beryllium enticing radical to motion up and scan.“

Worldcoin terms method analysis

The full fig of Optimism wallets holding WLD tokens has jumped to astir 305,000 since July 24, according to Dune Analytics.

Optimism wallets holding WLD. Source: Dune Analytics

Meanwhile, WLD transportation measurement has dropped successful the aforesaid timeframe. These metrics amusement that astir traders person preferred to clasp the token.

WLD transportation measurement sine. Source: Dune Analytics

As a recently launched token, WLD lacks capable trading past to behaviour a semipermanent terms analysis. However, connected a shorter-timeframe chart, the Worldcoin token appears to beryllium fluctuating wrong an ascending transmission pattern.

WLD/USD hourly terms chart. Source: TradingView

As of June 29, the terms traded adjacent the channel’s little trendline portion eyeing a rebound toward the $2.35–2.40 scope (marked arsenic “resistance 1” successful the illustration above), which coincides with the precocious trendline.

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A adjacent supra the precocious trendline whitethorn summation WLD’s prospects of rallying further toward the $2.50–2.56 scope (resistance 2) successful Q3, up astir 12% from existent terms levels.

On the different hand, breaking beneath the little trendline could bring the WLD terms wrong the $2.15–2.20 scope (support 1). A adjacent beneath the little trendline scope could person the terms trial the $2–2.10 scope arsenic its adjacent downside target, down astir 10% from existent terms levels.

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