XRP Buyback Not Possible, Says Ex-Ripple Executive

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Gamza Khanzadaev

Matt Hamilton connected XRP buyback: 'it's fantasy'

A caller question of discussion astir authorities buyback of XRP tokens emerged a fewer days aft Valhil Capital's managing director, Jimmy Vallee, spoke successful an interview, discussing what XRP mightiness beryllium worthy present if not for the SEC's prosecution. He erstwhile again suggested that the cryptocurrency could beryllium bought backmost if the regulator is defeated successful court.

Vallee has agelong promoted his buyback mentation astir XRP and has besides speculated that the token volition beryllium worthy $35,000 astatine immoderate point. He believes that volition hap erstwhile each banks power to ISO20022 and usage XRP.

Common sense

Many successful the XRP assemblage are alternatively pessimistic astir specified assumptions. Ripple's erstwhile manager of developer relations, Matt Hamilton for example, considers Vallee's claims to beryllium implicit fantasy, a script that is logically impossible.

Come connected Eri, It is each a implicit fantasy. There is nary script successful which a buyback makes immoderate logical sense.

— Matt Hamilton (@HammerToe) January 3, 2023

He noted, however, that adjacent if a buyback of XRP were to occur, its terms could not beryllium considered fair worth due to the fact that the 2nd is formed solely by marketplace laws. Commenting connected the anticipation that the buyback would hap to marque XRP the caller authorities currency, Hamilton besides questioned what prevents the authorities from simply buying the tokens from the market.

As a wide summary of Vallee's words, Hamilton said helium was suspicious of his and Valhil Capital's activity, and that truthful acold "he has been saying much clever words than doing anything."

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