XRP Holders to Receive FLR Tokens from Major Exchange Today

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Gamza Khanzadaev

XRP holders to person long-awaited airdrop from Binance today

The long-awaited Flare Network token airdrop, FLR, volition instrumentality spot today connected large cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance. According to societal media reports, immoderate users person already started receiving their tokens. In the meantime, FLR volition not beryllium distributed and listed connected Binance US, which reports that it needs much clip to analyse the token much thoroughly.

The organisation of FLR connected centralized exchanges volition take place among XRP holders. According to the look announced by the project, the archetypal airdrop volition beryllium 15% of the full size of the fund, and the remaining 85% volition beryllium utilized according to the connection enactment guardant by FLR Foundation earlier.

Thus, for each XRP held until the snapshot, about 0.15 FLR volition drop. A full of FLR 4.28 cardinal volition person to beryllium distributed starting today. In this case, if the connection to alteration the presumption of organisation of the remaining 85% of tokens is rejected, astir 1 FLR volition beryllium airdropped for each XRP held.

Why is FLR airdropping to XRP holders?

A cardinal extremity of Flare Network is said to beryllium the tendency to supply astute contracts enactment for XRP. As a reminder, XRPL does not presently person autochthonal enactment for astute contracts, which is wherefore XRP does not person this functionality.

Through the instauration of two-way bridges betwixt networks, specified arsenic XRPL and Ethereum, Flare solves this problem. In doing so, the FXRP token, a benignant of counterpart to WETH — which tin beryllium issued oregon redeemed by XRP holders via a astute contract — is issued to guarantee seamless operation.

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