XRP Ledger Ready to Adopt Tokenized Gold, Silver in Q3, 2024, Cardano on Verge of "Most Significant" Milestone in Its History, Ancient ETH Whale Wakes Up: Crypto News Digest by U.Today

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XRP Ledger acceptable to follow tokenized gold, metallic successful Q3, 2024

As became known from the official X announcement, Meld Gold has established a concern with Ripple, a San Francisco-based fintech company. As portion of the partnership, Meld Gold volition motorboat 2 caller stablecoins backed by metallic and golden connected XRP Ledger. Per the company's Medium post, each token volition correspond 1 gram of the precious metallic held by starring custody providers MKS Pamp and Imperial Vaults. The tokens are expected to spell unrecorded connected XRP Ledger successful Q3, 2024. Meld Gold CEO Michael Cotton underscored the value of this release, saying "Integrating XRPL arsenic the 2nd blockchain alongside Algorand is different measurement towards delivering unmatched entree to assets specified arsenic golden and metallic with industry-leading technologies."


Cardano connected verge of "most significant" milestone successful its history

In a recent X post, Cardano laminitis Charles Hoskinson stated that June volition beryllium the period that Cardano Node reaches 9.0. This means that Cardano is acceptable for the Chang fork, and 70% of involvement excavation operators (SPOs) are present expected to instal the caller node. Then, Cardano tin beryllium pushed into the Age of Voltaire with the assistance of the occurring hard fork. Hoskinson believes that the Voltaire signifier is "the astir important milestone successful the past of Cardano and for the manufacture arsenic a whole," arsenic successful that phase, Cardano is expected to boost the level of the ecosystem's decentralization and transparency. "Cardano volition beryllium a decentralized civilization spanning the full satellite with millions of residents. We'll person the astir precocious blockchain governance system, yearly budgets, a treasury, and the contented of our full assemblage to usher us," wrote the founder.


Ancient ETH whale wakes up, moves wealth to Kraken

According to Colin Wu's report from Saturday, June 8, an chartless Ethereum whale who received 67,000 ETH from the Ethereum Foundation code backmost successful 2015 transferred 15,200 ETH to Kraken. The transaction occurred connected June 7 and is evaluated astatine $56.1 million. Most of the transportation was instantly exchanged for 4.81 cardinal DAI, averaging $2,725 per ETH. Per Wu's X post, this code received 200,000 ETH (probably participating successful the ICO) successful the Ethereum Genesis block. Currently, the relationship inactive holds astir 41,000 ETH worthy an astonishing $152.3 million. It was lone the 3rd transaction of this relationship since 2022. In 2020-2021, the relationship sent a ample magnitude of crypto to centralized exchanges: it moved astir 150,000 ETH, oregon astir $553 million, successful six transfers.

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